You are Not Your Hormones, Men & Women are Different, Know Your Cycle with Dasha Maximov

Episode 37

In this episode I speak with Dasha Maximov. Dasha is a former-management consultant in mergers and acquisitions turned health explorer. While studying for her masters in neuroscience, Dasha suffered a debilitating brain injury, which resulted in constant fatigue, chronic headaches, amnesia, electrohypersensitivity, and depression. This led her down the path of understanding the link between her brain health and hormones; which showcased the need for more evidence-based information on women’s health. She currently curates the WhealthCo – an online, private community and podcast that provides information and access to products and specialists. You can join at @whealthcoand follow her journey and recommendations on @dashofhealth.

Topics Discussed:

– Pain Experience Will Drive Change

– Women are NOT Small Men

– Medical Research Grossly Under-Represents Women

– Be Your Own Chief Explorer

– Know the Trade-Offs

– Hormonal Response is NOT Your Identity

– Men & Women Are in Fact Biologically Different

– Effect on Light on Your Body Positive & Negative

– Women Make Up 80% of Auto-Immune Disease Population

– Wearables are Tools, Proceed with Caution

– Know Your Cycle

– Chemicals in Skin Care Product, and the Negative Impact

– Know Thy Self (test and retest)


Instagram: @_dashofhealth


Lights Out – TS Wiley

Re-Reading Personal Journals

This is Your Brain on Birth Control by Sarah Hill


Sam Harris and The Making Sense Podcast

WhealthCo Podcast

Favorite Rest & Recovery:

Morning sun & swimming


DR Jack Kruse,, Dr Kerry Jones/Dutch Test

*Anything discussed in this episode is not medical advice and you should always check with a health professional prior to taking any actions.

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