Importance of Glucose Monitoring, Metabolic Health, and Closed Feedback Loop with Josh Clemente

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Episode 30:

In the latest episode I speak with Josh Clemente one of the Founders of Levels Health Josh Clemente. He is a former SpaceX engineer and has taken his professional experience as well as his own health journey to drive him towards launching a new wearables technology company is sure to help improve millions of lives in one the largest chronic diseases in modern US.

Topics Discussed:

– Metabolic Health

– Health is a Continuum

– Insulin Resistance & How to Intervene

– CGM empowering the individual

– Personalized Nutrition with CGM

– HRV & Insulin Resistance

– Chronic Health & Healthcare System Solution

– Healthspan vs. Lifespan


Instagram: @uplevels


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My initial goal was to improve on my fitness pursuits as an endurance runner. However, as I began to examine the various components of my life, I realized some of the challenges started with some bad habits dating back to my 20’s. I would just keep going to work, college, and into late nights with friends with little sleep or consideration for the effects it was having on my body, mind, and spirit. It would always catch up with me and I would end up sick. This didn’t really stop over the years…the burn-out…it just occurred for different reasons.
Yes, I matured…a little… yet now I was married and a growing family with 3 little girls, a corporate job and still trying to pursue endurance sport’s goals. Up until a few years ago, I burned out in every way possible - physically and emotionally and mentally to the point I went into a season of ambiguity, indifference under performance devolving into depression. Since then, I have been on a journey to reclaim my life for myself and my family. This helped me learn about a variety of influencers that can help enable the proper level of rest and recovery to ensure I could show up with strength and stability.

My hope is my personal discovery story, along with the people from all walks of life discussing the various approaches, will lead you to the proper rest and recovery. So join me in the journey to learn how to live this one life to the fullest!