Nano Technology, Flow State, Mineral Connection and Thyroid with Barton Scott

Episode 66

Nano Technology, Flow State, Mineral Connection and Thyroid with Barton Scott

In this episode, I speak with Barton Scott is Founder and CEO of Upgraded Formulas. Barton always had a sharp mental function, but suddenly suffered memory loss. How cold this be, at such an early age? Tragedy had struck at the same time when he unfortunately lost his mother. But as someone with a chemical engineering background, he hacked his was to health and created a company that provides relief to many today.

He discovered how mineral supplements lacked effectiveness and absorption into the body rendering most product in the market useless. That is where he applied nanotechnology concepts to minerals to produce a proprietary product that has to be felt to be understood. His solutions make minerals up to 99.99% absorbable – which means people notice rapid improvement in their health span, performance and quality of life.


Topics Discussed:

Early Memory Loss Issues

Nutrition & Cognition

The ‘Right Things’ Didn’t “Work”

Toxic Trigger Impacts

Nano technology

Nutrition & ADD/ADHD Connection

Trauma Causes Nutrient Deficiency

Low Absorption Rates are Systemic

Best ROI is Your Mental Health & Acuity

Importance of Iodine

Regular Testing to Assess Trends

Building Blocks to Hormones

Clean Thyroid Glands Critical

Nutrition Supports to Flow State

Minerals + Fat = Hormonal Balance

Supporting Pregnant Women & Elderly

ROI is Quality of Life

Minerals for Effective Rest


Instagram: @bartonscott




Body Electric

Marcus Aurelias


Listening To:

Music: East Forrest Ram Dass



Cold Water / Natural Springs Plunge

Sauna, Float Tank


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