Breathwork, Foundational Principles, and the Human Operating System with Campbell Will

Episode 65

In this episode, I speak with Campbell Willa Physiotherapist, Level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor and Breathwork Facilitator from Australia. His passion is to teach people how to speak the language of the nervous system: the breath. His teachings connect people with their breath, mind and body through guided movement, specific breathing practices, and guided meditation. He teaches how optimal breathing can be used to affect our nervous system, psychology and emotional state and how breath is a tool for optimal health and well-being, stress and anxiety relief, and self-exploration.

Campbell teaches breathwork as a dynamic mind-body technique that gives access to the deeper layers of our nervous system and physiology. Using specific breathing techniques we are able to bypass the mind, quiet the mental blocks and achieve a state of optimal physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

Topics Discussed:

Practice of Breathwork

Little Adjustments Mitigates Big Issues

Breath is an Anchor Point

Adjust Your Protocol for Each Circumstances

Use Foundational Principles

Understand Your Body Operating System (OS)

Self-Regulating Capacity thru tools

Your Day Doesn’t Have to be Dictated by Your Mood

Address the ‘Little Tigers’ of Life

Sh*t Hits the Fan, Be Ready Thru Breathwork

Stress is Not Bad, Excess Stress is

What Patterns are Impacting Your Breath

The Body Whispers Before it Screams

Negative Compounding Interest

First Best Step = Awareness

Night Time Breathwork Methods

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Essentialism by Greg McKeon

Listening To:

Podcast: Huberman Lab Podcast by Andrew Huberman





Research Paper Referenced in our conversation CLICK HERE



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