Elias Arjan | Inflection Point in Healthcare, Future of Longevity & Privacy Policy

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Episode 127

In this episode, I speak with Elias Arjan Health & Wellness Executive, Speaker, EMCEE and Citizen Scientist and we cover everything from the current inflection point that the overall health and wellness vertical is running into with the merge of health, wellness, fitness and more blurring lines and causing consumer confusion. To the rise of Corporations stepping into the void to drive societal wellness narrative and we touch on the need and concern for an accelerated approach to data privacy with the rise of open market health data and wearables.

Topics Discussed:

Humanity’s Inflection Point

Shakey ground

Future of Longevity

Privacy of Health Data

Ownership of Health

Corporate Push for Wellness

Ethical Actions in Corporate & Government

Get Involved in Policy

Science isn’t Binary

Social Shaming in Medicine

Cancel Culture

Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask

Coach Up Function

Instagram: @eliasarjan

Website: www.eliasarjan.com www.healthspanevents.com www.pruvn.io


Master and His Adversary

Surveillance Capitalism

Listening To:

Music: 90’s Metal, Old School R&B/Hip Hop,

Podcast: Peter Attia & Andrew Huberman


10 min nighttime protocol; Vibration Plate & Theragun


*Anything discussed in this episode is not medical advice and you should always check with a health professional prior to taking any actions.

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