Ep 22: Benefits of CBD Oil, American Farming, and Eliminating Plastics with Brady Bell


In this episode I speak with Brady Bell CEO of Pure Spectrum CBD. He is aboy from Kansas and a long family history in farming, Brady’s mission is to empower middle America with hemp as a new bumper crop providing growth to the American Farmer and their families. We cover the medical benefits for athletic performance, but also for those with chronic In this episode, I have the opportunity to speak with Brady Bell Founder and CEO fo Pure Spectrum CBD. We cover a ton of ground in our discussion on CBD and what is happening in the Hemp/Cannabis Industry. The hurdles he faced during the early days everything from dispelling the misperceptions of ‘snake oil salesman’, convincing family he wasn’t a drug dealer, to educating and earning the trust of some of the most prestigious Sports Organizations and Top athletes ensuring that the products are safe, effective without the negative side effects.

Brady was able to accomplish this rooted in core principles of integrity in his products not only for the quality grade and holding to highest standards, if not setting the bar for them, to aligning himself personally knowing his family depends on him. This level of integrity and personal accountability leads to the trust of some of the top sports organizations in the US empowering them to know others will not be at risk.

We cover the long standing and roller coaster history of Hemp as an agricultural crop that is resurfacing, and Brady believes he can help re-create the ‘Million Dollar Farmer’. As apain, and for our favorite pets.The expansive use of hemp in not only oils for wellness, but in other products such as home building, car manufacturing, and most importantly as a replacement of plastics (water bottles, straws, toys) and the likes of Lego, BMW and others are taking notice.

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Reading: High Performing people – Elon Musk, Tiger, Peyton Manning, Joe Rogan, Dana White, Michael Jordon

Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), Brandon Schaub, Logan Paul








*Anything discussed in this episode is not medical advice and you should always check with a health professional prior to taking any actions.

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