Episode 2: Ultras, Under-Recovered vs. Over-Trained, Jersey Shore, and the Importance of Strength for Recovery

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During this episode, I re-connect with an old high school cross country friend and competitor Rich Airey. Rich is a three time top 20 finisher at the Leadville 100 Trail Run.  In 2018 he finished 16th in 20:44:37, 2017, 14th in 21:08:22 and in 2014 Rich was 7th in 19:27:15, his first attempt at the distance.

We delve into Life on the Jersey Shore, his transition to Ultra Marathons, the different between under-recovered vs. over trained, why mom was right about vegetables, memories at Cross Country camp and a few other thoughts on life.

BIO on Rich:

In high school Rich earned all county, conference and state accolades in cross country, wrestling and track & field, running 4:28 and 9:41 for the 1600m and 3200m respectively.  After a year at Springfield College and one at Ocean County Community College with a runner-up finish at the JUCO national cross country championships Rich earned a scholarship to Monmouth University.

During his time at Monmouth University under the tutelage of Joe Compagani, Rich earned all conference honors in several events including the 1998 steeple chase championship at the Northeast Conference.  In addition to All-East honors in cross country, Rich qualified for the IC4A’s in the DMR and the 10,000m holding the school record in the later for several years.

Upon graduation Rich moved into the coaching ranks.  Starting at the high school level Rich’s athletes received notoriety at the local, state and national level.  While coaching at the high school level Rich coach over 30 high school All-Americans at several individual distances and team relays.

Like many, Rich was bitten by the Crossfit bug early in its inception and saw it’s potential benefits for running.  By 2010, Rich had moved to California to work with CrossFit Endurance teaching their two day seminar.  It was during this time that Rich began running ultra marathons.

It was in 2011 at the 20 in 24 that Rich took the low mileage, more strength & conditioning approach in his preparation.  Although a solid run of 84.5 miles he failed to complete the entire 24 hours.  Shortly after Rich created RunningWOD to share his approach to training and racing.

RunningWOD is an amalgamation of three decades of training and competition.  An approach to running with enjoyment and longevity being priority number one.  Through nutrition, balance, stability, strength, intensity and volume come results.

Where to find Rich on the Intra-Webs:


[email protected]

Instagram @blacksheependurance





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