Sleep Debt, Know Your Peaks & Valleys and Being Present

Episode 61

In this episode, I speak with Jeff Kahn Co-Founder and CEO at Rise Science.RISE is the only sleep app that works all day.

Jeff and his Rise Science co-founder Leon Sasson were the first to publish research on technology-enabled sleep behavior modification over a decade ago, and have recently completed the largest known study on sleep and real-world job performance across the NFL and sales teams.

Jeff’s research and work have been featured in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal, and on ESPN, NBC, CBS, and Fox Sports. Jeff holds a B.S. in Health Systems Engineering and an M.S. in Engineering Design & Innovation from Northwestern University.

Topics Discussed:

– Economic Effect on Sleep & Business

– Peer Reviewed Evidence of Sleep

– All the Data Boils Down to 1 Thing

– Sleep Science & Athletic Success Connection

– Actionability of Science to Gain Desired Outcome

– 2-Factor Sleep Regulation Model

– Sleep Debt (Sleep Homeostat)

– Determine Your Sleep Need

– Circadian Rhythm (5 Zones)

– Sleep Hygiene to Support Natural Sleep

– Chronotypes May be Genetically Biased

– Lighting Impacts Rhythms (Time Zone Shifting)

– Age & Genetics Play Key Roles

– Morning Sunlight Critical for Better Sleep

– Sleep is an Underutilized Tool

– How Are We Managing Our Energy?

– Culture Shift to Focus on Sleep is Starting

– Your Best Self Arrives Thru Quality Sleep

– 1 Hour of Sleep Debt = Cognitively Drunk

– Sleep & Anxiety Connection


Personal Finance – Jim Simons Renaissance Technologies

Listening To:

Podcast: Jason Freed CEO of Basecamp

Go-To Rest & Recovery Method:

Morning & Nighttime Routine


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Research Papers:

From Rise Science

Most cited on sleep debt
Most cited on circadian rhythm
Most cited for why knowing about sleep staging doesn’t impact how you feel and perform



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