Ep 72: Remapping Neural Pathways, Sleep & Brain Health, and 90% Recovery Rate with Garrett Salpeter

Episode 72: Remapping Neural Pathways, Sleep & Brain Health, and 90% Recovery Rate with Garrett Salpeter

In this episode, I speak with Garrett Salpeter Founder and Creator of NeuFit. Garrett used his training in Engineering and Neuroscience to create NeuFit and the patented Neubie device. He and his team have trained thousands of doctors, therapists, and other professionals in the NeuFit methodology, and these practitioners have used NeuFit to help their patients recover faster from injuries, reverse chronic pain, restore function lost due to neurological injuries or diseases, and achieve improvements in fitness and performance. His work is also used by dozens of professional sports teams and universities and is the subject of multiple ongoing trials evaluating the effectiveness of its technology in areas like post-operative recovery, muscle hypertrophy, and functional recovery from stroke and MS. Garrett is the host of the NeuFit Undercurrent Podcast and bestselling author of the book, The NeuFit Method.

Topics Discussed:

Accelerated Improvement to Outcomes

Nervous System Core to Healing

Remapping the Neural Pathways

Collegiate Sports and Injury

Change Your Lens on Life

Functional & Neurology Connection

Fast Track Muscle Recovery

Prioritizing the Nervous System

Continuum of Care

Restore Function in Brain Injuries

Sleep & Neurology (24min)

Pain is Brain Requesting Change

How Full is Your Threat Bucket

90% Recovery Rate

Improve Range of Motion

Adjacent/Corollary Benefits

“Positive Side Effects” (37min)

Collaboration with Wearable Companies (39 min)

Instagram: @neufitrfp

Website: www.neu.fit


Residual Effect

Listening To:

Podcast: Ben Greenfield Podcast, Business and Health podcast


Neubie, Cold Exposure, Red & Infrared Light


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