Impact of Fear on HRV, Trending Analysis and Seeking Alignment Thru Breathwork with Dr. Ron Gharbo

Episode 63

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Ron Gharbo is a board-certified specialist in PMR & Neuromuscular Electrophysiology with a 24-year practice of integrative pain management. He now serves as CMO for Lief Therapeutics, is Director of Cardiac & Wellness Integration at Virginia Commonwealth University and is a digital health advisor for the military brain injury research consortium (LIMBIC-CENC). His novel methodology was recently published in 2020.Autonomic Rehabilitation: Adapting to Change.

Topics discussed:

Fear & Emotional Impact on HRV

HRV is Highly Sensitive, Yet Not Specific

Age of Recovery

A Need to Dig Deeper

HRV is the Measure of Recovery

Conquer 100

Overtraining or Under Recovered

Trend lines are Most Important

Healthcare Needs to Catch Up to Performance World

Wearables for Sick care Monitoring

Stronger Diaphragm = Better HRV

Counseling + Physical Activity Supporting Wellness

Importance of Mindfulness in Supporting HRV

Rehab the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Trust is Parasympathetic Response

Trust in Self, Others, Something Bigger, in Future

I Don’t Care = Tired

Seek Alignment (31:13)

Positive Psychology is not So Positive

Breathwork is a Starting Point to get Unstuck

Dr. Ron’s Three Laws

Anger Makes You Energy-Inefficient

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